Monster Hunter series
"Hunter Soubi" Time and materials required to make all

[Materials to make set]
Making pattern paper materials
-Drawing paper 20piece
-"Kousakuyousi"(one of hard paper in Japan) 10piece
-Scotch tape(Sellotape) 3piece
-Packaging tape(parcel tape) 1piece

Main materials
"Lion Board(Koyo Soft Board)"
->2mm thick(1.5mm is also OK) 100cm X 100cm
->5mm thick 100cm X 200cm
-Instant glue 15piece (It's convenient if there is also Instant gule Accelerator Spray)
-Hot melt(glue gun) 40piece(冷却用にエアダスターも1pieceあると便利)
-Velcro 200cm
-Safety pin several piece

Painting materials
1.Case of Gesso painting
-Gesso 1200ml
-lacquer paint(Bottle lacquer paint,Lacquer Spray) or acrylic paint proper quantity

2.Case of "Bond G17" painting
-"Bond G17"(one of liqud glue in Japan) 1200ml
-lacquer thinner 1200ml
-Paintbrush(Disposable premise ) 1piece
-Paper cup,bowl etc.(Disposable premise ) 1piece
-Bottle lacquer paint proper quantity
-Lacquer Spray proper quantity

[Cost of materials to make set]
20000Yen (about 100Yen = 1dollar)

[Tools used]
Indispensable tools
-Writing implement(Pencil,eraser,ballpoint,Magic Marker,ruler)
-Box cutter(It's good to change "Pro blade". Moreover,It will become convenient if there is also "Blade breaker")
-Cutting mat
-Hot melt(glue gun)
-Soldering iron and soldering iron stand
-Paint tools, such as a paintbrush
-Punch and hammer
-Tool set required for rivet
-Tool set required for snap
-Sewing machine
-Sewing tools

Convenient thing when it is
-Craft Knife

[Work time to make set]


[Pattern paper data]

[How to make]

Helm(for male)

Helm(for famale)

Body armor
(with pattern paper)

Breast armor
(for male)(with pattern paper)

Breast armor
(for female)
(with pattern paper)

Right shoulder armor

Left shoulder armor

Upper arm armor

Elbow armor
(with pattern paper)

Right gauntlet

Left gauntlet
(with pattern paper)

Waist armor



Thigh armor
(for male)

Thigh armor
(for female)
(with pattern paper)

Knee armor
(with pattern paper)

Shin armor
(with pattern paper)

Shoes armor

Below are completed things.

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